Family of Nazi victims claim museum pictures

The Telegraph,, 28 May 2002

Four old master drawings held by the British Museum for the past 50 years may have been stolen by the Nazis from a Czech Jewish family during the last war.

Descendants of Dr Arthur Feldmann, a prominent pre-war collector, have lodged a claim for the return of the drawings, worth more than £100,000. They say the four items were part of Dr Feldmann's collection of 700 old master drawings that disappeared after Germany invaded Czechoslovakia in 1939. Dr Feldmann and his wife died during the war.
They are: The Holy Family (Italian 16th century); St Dorothy with the Christ Child (German, 1508); Virgin and Child adored by St Elizabeth and the infant St John (German, 18th century); and An Allegory on Poetic Inspiration with Mercury and Apollo (English, 18th century). · 76 Gloucester Place · London WIU 6HJ · +44 (0)20 7487 3401
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