David Lewis, together with Anne Webber, is founder and Co-Chair of the Commission for Looted Art in Europe (CLAE), and co-founder of the Central Registry of Looted Cultural Property 1933-1945 at www.lootedart.com, set up in 2001 as an independent charitable body under the auspices of the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies. The Registry is an international research centre and online repository of detailed research, news and information from 49 countries and an onine database of 25,000 objects.

David Lewis is a Governor of the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, and former Chairman of its Library. From 1992 to 1999 he was President of the European Council of Jewish Communities. He is a member of the Board of The Wiener Library and a member of the Board and Honorary Fellow of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

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